‘Harry Potter Series’ J.K. Rowling

Finally Finished!

I never read these books when they first came out. In fact, I made it to the 6th movie before I even started! As it turns out, EVERYONE was right! I was totally missing out!

The stories really are so detailed, that you can really picture this completely imaginary world. I love that Rowling included names and labels for everything from, shop names, to sweets. It makes it seem that much more real. And although Harry is not my favourite character, by any means, he is much more tolerable in the books, than in the movies. Β These books have so many great characters!

In that thread though, one of my two complaints is that because there are so many great characters, you are left unsatisfied with the story some of them have. You always want there to be a little more! My second complaint is that the ending was a little unsatisfying. It will translate to film much better, because you will be able to see the kids getting on the train and it will be sweeping and beautiful, as movies like this always are. Book wise though, I found it rather lacking in detail, which is uncharacteristic of the rest.

All in all, it was a really great series, including The Tales Of The Beedle Bard which I read the other day! Highly entertaining whether you’re 10 or 85!

*Side Note: I would totally divorce B for Sirius Black! HA!

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