‘Knocked Up/Wiped’ Rebecca Eckler

January/February 2011

Getting through these books was a struggle for me. The second more so than the first. If Rebecca and I knew each other in real life, I doubt that we would be friends. I found her to be very unrelatable to me. We are just too different.

‘Knocked Up’ starts off fine. It follows her on her journey through an accidental pregnancy with her fiance. She doesn’t know anything about pregnancy or babies, so there are some humorous adventures to be had. Mistakes happen, but I soon tired of her careless attitude, and unwillingness to learn. These traits make her down right unlikeable in the second book. Her naivety, confusion, and mis-information become straight up careless, and dangerous once you get into ‘Wiped’. She makes absolutely no effort to learn anything about how to take care of her own daughter, and worse, she does nothing but complain about how stressful and exhausting her pampered life is! (If you have a full time nanny, while you are on mat leave, and then go back to work at an office you rent so that you can write free lance, and by write, I mean e-mail your friends, and google vacations, I don’t want to hear about how tired you are after spending 3 hours with your kid! SHUT UP!!!

In the end, Rebecca Eckler and I are far too different to be friends, and I would not recommend either of these books to myself!

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