‘My Name Is Memory’ Ann Brashares


Let me start off by saying that ‘My Name Is Memory’ is not a kids book. It does not follow in the vein of The Sisterhood or Willows. Nor does it fit in with Brashares previous forte into 18+ fair, ‘The Last Summer’. True, it is a story about falling in love, and the awkwardness of growing up, but in a decidedly more dramatic and supernatural setting.

‘Memory’ follows Daniel, a man who remembers all of the lives he has been reincarnated into through the decades. There are great details and stories that make his reincarnation something a little different than the usual stories you’ve read, but there is also a fair bit of droning over explanation.

I also felt that this novel didn’t read much like a series ,and I didn’t know it would be one, until it was (and not very gracefully) cut short at the end.

In my opinion, ‘Memory’ was worth the read, but know going in that you will not be satisfied at the end, and will have to wait until the next book is released. (Who knows when that will be?)

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