‘The Hunger Games’ Suzanne Collins

SO MUCH DEATH! As a vegetarian, I was already getting a little grossed out by all the hunting….of animals, but then the Games begin! There is just so much death! On the flip, there is also so much AWESOMENESS!!! It really is a creative story. So much happens, so many crazy things. ย Intermingling with all the death, is a healthy scoop of teen angst, some unrequited love, a few (well-placed) laughs, and an almost heart breaking love story. Over-all, I think, it was a great trilogy!ย 

Let’s talk movies for a minute though. I know, that the movie will never be as good as the book. That’s just common knowledge, but at least they tried. I do feel that they tried to include SO much that they ended up leaving too much out. Where was the love? Where was the angst? It was very heavy on the death toll, and so quick-edited together that I felt like I was watching a really long montage. All my friends (who didn’t read the book first) who saw it would tell you that The Games were about 3 days long, when it was really closer to 3 weeks. It was a good movie, just not as gripping as the book. And I definitely didn’t feel the Peeta love at all. (She’s supposed to start falling despite herself!That’s the point!)

Regardless of the movie, all 3 books were great examples of young adult writing at work. (note that I didn’t say tween writing, so don’t take your 10 year old to see it and then act surprised;)

*I think Tom Wisdom should be cast as Finnick Odair, but my cousin Sharae disagrees:| Who will it be??? (Armie Hammer seems to be the fan favourite. He would do I suppose. There is also a rumor that some people want Jesse Williams. I didn’t picture him that way, but I would not complain in the least if he was cast! I’m also very interested in what kind of accent he will have. No one has mentioned it, and I’m afraid that he won’t have one at all!

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