Peekaboo Beans

Let me start by saying that I’m not a big advertiser. I don’t write this blog to back any companies, and when I do write about something it’s because I really genuinely like it!

So without further ado, I present to you Peekaboo Beans! My bestie Shelley was looking for a part-time job while she is on mat leave with her son Chase. Looking for something fun, mommy related, and that she could really get behind, she came across Peekaboo Beans. A children’s clothing retailer out of Richmond, BC.

So straight off, I love a good Canadian company. I love backing a homegrown company, especially when they are as rad as these guys. Because, yes, they have great clothes. Sure, it’s well made and durable. OBVIOUSLY my kids look crazy cute in them! But that’s not what I love about them. That’s not what makes them stand out. What this company has embraced, has put higher than the almighty dollar is the importance of play. Pure and simple. PLAY! Bendy, flexible, well made clothes that are built (always) with play in mind. Ready for any adventure. And I love that.

From their website ( ) to the fun cards that come in your package, they inspire and encourage play. You can even take the pledge and join the Play Revolution here  We printed out our certificate to hang on the fridge:) In that vein Beans also has a partnership with Playground Builders, a Canadian charity that builds parks in war-torn areas to help restore some of the innocence lost in these tragic times. And that’s pretty awesome!

The truth is our babies are coming up in a world that is teaching them that being on top is more important than anything else. Being number one, and making all the money, and being the best of the best is all that matters. We currently live in a world where little kids are so over-booked and over-scheduled that they are burning out before high school even starts. That is not the world I want for mine. It’s not the world I want for yours! And when I can afford it, I don’t mind putting my money where my mouth is. We need more people that believe in giving kids a rich and imaginative childhood, and it certainly helps when the companies we have available believe in that as well.

I am a fan! I will be honest with you, the pieces can be a little pricey for a mom on a tight budget, but if you can put a little aside for a few really great building block pieces it’s well worth it. The Bestie sent The Brat Pack the 4 pieces in the photos, and I ordered a couple things today. (I will update you all when they arrive:)


E in the Night & Day Jacket. (1. Nick Miller Face! Hilar! 2. The zipper has a round pull so little fingers can practice/have it off in 5 seconds flat!)


The Escape!


E in the Scenic Skirt. She actually had a few onesies this went with, and wore it with a long sleeve and BabyLegs on a cooler day. (She’s pouring water all over herself! The skirt dried really fast;) Also, don’t judge my tv stand! I swear there are normally board books and more toys to fill it in more, but she got to them before the water bottle action!


The Ultimate Test! The skinny-mini and all those legs. PERFECT! O in the At Ease Short. They have a tie at the waist so they didn’t slide off his teeny tiny hams, and they are so bendy and comfy, he could do all his sweet moves!


O in the To The Beach Tee (He likes the thumb holes;)


All the fun cards and info!

So if anyone is interested in ordering check out Shelley Johnson’s (aka: Mamma S on my Facebook Page) ordering page on the Beans website here:

You can also check her out on here:

Or e-mail her here:

Happy Play Time Everyone!