Freshened Up A Bit

So you may have noticed that the title and looks of the blog have changed a bit. (Note, that the web address of the blog has not changed and will not until the end of the year.) I thought I’d spruce things up a bit, and am looking forward to rolling out some new things, and making a bigger commitment to my projects.

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A big fat thanks to all of you lovely people who have followed, commented, joined me on this blogging journey thus far. I look forward to this year to come!

Happy New Year’s!



Recipe Test: Raw Trail Mix Bars

The Brats and I tested out a new recipe this week. Raw Trail Mix Bars from The Sweet Life blog. I actually made it once, on my own and then tweaked it to suit our tastes. The first time they were too crumbly because I left out the walnuts (yuck), but didn’t replace them with anything soft. This time around we added dried apricots, and it worked out perfectly! (I was going to try cashews, but the store was out. Maybe next time!)



They both wanted red aprons today!

They both wanted red aprons today!

Helpful hands:)

Helpful hands:)

Silly Monster and his "hammer stick"! Bahahahaha!

Silly Monster and his “hammer stick”! Bahahahaha!

The Button-Masher in her element!

The Button-Masher in her element!

Pressing it down with their "hammer sticks".

Pressing it down with their “hammer sticks”.



So much healthy!

So much healthy!


Our bars!



Results: Delicious! They are really easy. There is no cooking involved (which will be amazing in the summer). They are packed full of health! The bit of chocolate makes it a perfect coffee companion. These bars are definitely joining our regular rotation!

*Tweaking: I subbed the walnuts for 1 c. of dried apricots, and raised the dates to 1 c. I also subbed the sunflower seeds for 2 tbs. sesame seeds (because that’s what we have in the cupboard!).

A special thanks to Sarah from The Sweet Life for sharing such a tasty toddler friendly recipe!



Peekaboo Beans

Let me start by saying that I’m not a big advertiser. I don’t write this blog to back any companies, and when I do write about something it’s because I really genuinely like it!

So without further ado, I present to you Peekaboo Beans! My bestie Shelley was looking for a part-time job while she is on mat leave with her son Chase. Looking for something fun, mommy related, and that she could really get behind, she came across Peekaboo Beans. A children’s clothing retailer out of Richmond, BC.

So straight off, I love a good Canadian company. I love backing a homegrown company, especially when they are as rad as these guys. Because, yes, they have great clothes. Sure, it’s well made and durable. OBVIOUSLY my kids look crazy cute in them! But that’s not what I love about them. That’s not what makes them stand out. What this company has embraced, has put higher than the almighty dollar is the importance of play. Pure and simple. PLAY! Bendy, flexible, well made clothes that are built (always) with play in mind. Ready for any adventure. And I love that.

From their website ( ) to the fun cards that come in your package, they inspire and encourage play. You can even take the pledge and join the Play Revolution here  We printed out our certificate to hang on the fridge:) In that vein Beans also has a partnership with Playground Builders, a Canadian charity that builds parks in war-torn areas to help restore some of the innocence lost in these tragic times. And that’s pretty awesome!

The truth is our babies are coming up in a world that is teaching them that being on top is more important than anything else. Being number one, and making all the money, and being the best of the best is all that matters. We currently live in a world where little kids are so over-booked and over-scheduled that they are burning out before high school even starts. That is not the world I want for mine. It’s not the world I want for yours! And when I can afford it, I don’t mind putting my money where my mouth is. We need more people that believe in giving kids a rich and imaginative childhood, and it certainly helps when the companies we have available believe in that as well.

I am a fan! I will be honest with you, the pieces can be a little pricey for a mom on a tight budget, but if you can put a little aside for a few really great building block pieces it’s well worth it. The Bestie sent The Brat Pack the 4 pieces in the photos, and I ordered a couple things today. (I will update you all when they arrive:)


E in the Night & Day Jacket. (1. Nick Miller Face! Hilar! 2. The zipper has a round pull so little fingers can practice/have it off in 5 seconds flat!)


The Escape!


E in the Scenic Skirt. She actually had a few onesies this went with, and wore it with a long sleeve and BabyLegs on a cooler day. (She’s pouring water all over herself! The skirt dried really fast;) Also, don’t judge my tv stand! I swear there are normally board books and more toys to fill it in more, but she got to them before the water bottle action!


The Ultimate Test! The skinny-mini and all those legs. PERFECT! O in the At Ease Short. They have a tie at the waist so they didn’t slide off his teeny tiny hams, and they are so bendy and comfy, he could do all his sweet moves!


O in the To The Beach Tee (He likes the thumb holes;)


All the fun cards and info!

So if anyone is interested in ordering check out Shelley Johnson’s (aka: Mamma S on my Facebook Page) ordering page on the Beans website here:

You can also check her out on here:

Or e-mail her here:

Happy Play Time Everyone!



very-inspiring-blogger-award The lovely Miss Melissa over at Naiad And The Moon Of has passed on an award to moi! As always, I am forever grateful that anyone reads this rag of a blog, and even more appreciative of kudos from someone who’s blog I truly love!

I think this award is about blogs that inspire you to see the beauty in the world through someone else’s eyes. So instead of droning on about myself for 7 notes, I’m going to tell you      about the things I find beautiful.

1. The Strength Of Childbirth: Now let me be clear. Childbirth is gross, and sometimes quite gruesome. I really don’t like sweating…or grunting for that matter! But in the midst of all that gross, is this beautiful strength. No matter what route you take, natural, chemical, c-section, adoption. The strength is still there. The beating heart that just won’t quit, even when you can’t breath, and you can’t stop crying, and you are convinced that you are going to die. You power through. You find the strength. And that moment, is beautiful.

2. The designs of Vera Wang: As a student/lover of design I have to say that she is my favourite designer. She makes dresses that a woman can be proud to wear. Not the kind of dresses that take a lot of courage, or breath holding, or sucking it in. Not the kind you feel “okay” in until your grandmother walks in. Her designs come off so simple, but are vastly intricate and wonderfully delicate. Her passion for her craft is evident.

3. Vincent Van Gogh: I wish there was a study that correlated the vibrancy of his work with the depth of his “mental illness”. I’m secretly convinced, that when his mind was racing he could “see” so much clearer. Either way, I love him. so many brush strokes. So much paint, and colour, and urgency. Some scapes so vast and then the simple beauty of a worn Pair Of Shoes.

4. New Born Babies: Yes, they mostly look like little old men. Yes, the pee every 5 seconds, and spit up right on you. But have you seen one up close? They have eyes, and lashes. and fingers, and toes. Tiny little noses, and even tinier eardrums. They breath in and out, and have a tiny hearts pumping blood and oxygen through their tiny bodies. They are human beings, that someone built INSIDE of their body! And now they are out, detached, and thriving! That’s insane! That’s amazing!

5. ‘Cause really! Look at her!

phone 037











6. I made that! With my lady bits!

phone 255











7. Earth: That may seem cheesy, but think about it. All that we have and is possible in our world. That connection between the planet and all of it’s animals. We are here. Breathing. Being. And that is beautiful!

In conclusion, Thank You all, once again for tuning in! You are beautiful, and I love you.



And to spread the blogger love, I would like to share this award with:

Miss Celie’s Pants Because you inspire me to sew beautiful things.

Five Second Rules  Because you inspire me to be honest in my writing.

and a big back at ‘cha to

Naiad And The Moon Of  Because you inspire me to find my truth, and that is beautiful.

Judgy Judgerson’s Judgment Of The Day

Why must you be so condescending ALL OF THE TIME? You are not better than me. I realize that you think you are better than everyone, so I shouldn’t take it personally, but I do. And on top of that, KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE! Do you really think that my own friends aren’t going to tell me the snarky remarks you make to them? They are MY friends! Is this how its going to be now. The days after every birthday party, will just be filled with reports of your baseless accusations and obnoxious comments? Keep it to your self. Thanks.



Very Appreciative

SisterBloggers are so sweet!

The lovely Melissa over at Going Coverless has surprised me (yet again) with a wonderful award! I am truly humbled, and (quite frankly) bewildered/over-joyed to hear that people (who aren’t my Mommy) enjoy reading my blog. So as always, Thank You all for joining me on the crazy journey of life!

This award comes with questions (which I love) so here are a few snippits about yours truly!

What is your favorite colour?

Green and then Blue/any mix of the two. And then silver:)

What is your favorite animal?

I don’t know that I have an actual favourite. Turtles I suppose! They are pretty awesome. I mean, they are practically dinosaurs! I do love all animals though (birds slightly less;).

What is your favorite nonalcoholic drink?

Dr. Pepper! Not even going to lie. It’s so good. SO BAD, but really, so good. Secondly, a double tall, 1 pump, soy, no whip, no foam, Mocha from Starbucks!

Do you prefer Facebook or Twitter?

Hmmmmm…Both? I really like Facebook, for a more ‘personal’ connection. Many of my best friends live in different cities now, so it’s great to be able to share photo’s and info and videos on a constant basis. I know some people think it’s so impersonal, but really you can’t share photo’s over the phone, and you aren’t going to remember all the stories and adventures you want to share in one phone call. So I think it actually keeps us more involved in each other’s lives. I also love Twitter for it’s short bursts of info, and humour!

What is your favourite pattern?

So many choices! It really depends on the situation. I love Polka-dots, and in the right setting I love Brocade. I’m really feeling the current tiny flower trend as well. I’m much more about mixing textures and patterns to get the right feel.

Do you prefer giving or getting presents?

Giving. Don’t get me wrong, I love getting gifts, but I really enjoy finding or making the right thing for my friends and family. Whether it be baking the perfect pumpkin loaf, crocheting the cutest hat, or finding just the right book, I love the hunt for something they will love! (And I love projects:)

What is your favorite number?

3, 4, or 6. I like a good looking group!

What is your favorite flower?

Peonies. They are SO pretty. We made paper peonies for our wedding, and they were the culmination of all of my favourite things!

What is your passion?

Art! That sounds so lame! It’s true though. I love drawing, painting, sewing, clothes designing, baking, interior decor, architecture, landscaping, writing, film, crafting, basically anything DIY. I just LOVE expression through multiple mediums. Making things with your hands!

And since you should always give as good as you get, here is a new (to me) blog that I just got into:)

The Heir To Blair I pass this award on to you Beth Anne. Keep up the great work:)



Judgy Judgerson’s Judgement of the Day

Dear Chick walking in the Trainyards parking lot today,

Before you get all uppity I want to be clear that I am not (in any way) judging you on your size. I am however judging you on your sheer lack of grace & poise. Slothfully dragging your feet through the parking lot, smoking cigarettes was bad enough, but HACKING, WIDE MOUTHED, WITHOUT EVEN MAKING AN ATTEMPT TO COVER IT, TO SHIELD US FROM YOUR  DISGUSTING TAR/ARSENIC LADEN PHLEGM, is just plain disgusting! Get your act together, lady! You should be ashamed.

Love Judgy