February Photo Challenge Day 23-28


Day 23: Animal

photo challenge 032photo challenge 033


Day 24:Hair

graduation 004graduation 008graduation 015

I tried out the different “black & white” filters and found that the yellow filter gave them a warm/bright feel. Also, hilarious bedhead!

Day 25: Self-Portrait (Ayayay!)

photo challenge 017

photo challenge 021

photo challenge 023

photo challenge 030

32nd birthday

Day 26: Low-Angle



I did get a few with my camera, but none I liked as much as this one from my phone. (the second has an Instagram filter on it).

Day 27: In your bag/or purse

photo challenge 012

This one was mostly about practicing staging and layout. ***

Day 28: Alive

photo challenge 035

This is real life. The mess. The scribbles. The tiny hands in the background. The empty cereal bowl. Life. Alive.

So that’s it folks. I got some practice in and I feel good about what I was able to learn. I think I’ve figured out a bit of my own style, and the editing that I like best. Next I’ll have to learn the real technical side of the camera itself, but for now I think I have a chance to get some great shots of the kids, and to bring better photo’s to the blog. 

Thank you all (as always) for taking this journey with me.



*** The things in my purse (in case anyone is interested)

Bag: Petunia Pickle Bottom (came with the wipes case and change pad)

Planner: Filofax (with Veronica Mars Kickstarter backer sticker;)

Sunnies: Joe Fresh

Wet Bag:  Smitten Baby

Diaper: gDiapers

Book: BabyLit: Jane Eyre

Cars: Pixar Cars (Grem, Mr. The King, Raoul Caroule)

(Canadian Links added where possible)

February Photo Challenge Day 2-8

Day 2: Footwear

photo challenge 006photo challenge 013photo challenge 019photo challenge 034photo challenge 032photo challenge 038Bloopers!

photo challenge 018photo challenge 020

Day 3: Black & White

photo challenge 055

Day 4: Written Word

photo challenge 058photo challenge 059

Day 5: Joy

photo challenge 073 That’s the (second) blanky my Mammy crocheted for me when I was a little girl.

Day 6: Supplies

photo challenge 007

Day 7: Portrait

photo challenge 009photo challenge 031


photo challenge 024photo challenge 020

Day 8: Outside

photo challenge 039I like this one because it’s so noisy.

Remember, if you want to share use #beadsbobblesbuttons or post on the Facebook page!

Happy snapping!



February Photo Challenge: And Go!

I’m not going to post everyday because that would be a bit much, but I will be sharing on Instagram and the Facebook page each day, and here on the blog once a week.

I will share today though, since it’s day one! The theme is WORK.photo challenge 002I chose our school space. Without any editing, I think this was the best one. There were a few with weird lighting and a few with “interesting” focusing. I’m thinking the fact that the table doesn’t look level at this angle isn’t a good thing, but I do like the light coming in from both windows. photo challenge 018Sometimes G helps. Outtakes!

I did manage to get this cute photo of her though.photo challenge 010

Remember to share your photo’s with me using #beadsbobblesbuttons, or throwing them up on the Facebook page. It’s no big deal if you can’t commit to the whole month. If you feel inspired only one or two days, I’d still love to see!



A February Photo Challenge

I’m not that good at photography. I enjoy it, but I need to learn the technical skills, and I could really use some practice. Last Christmas B got me a fancy new camera. I’d wanted one for so long, and I think it was a little bit of a “thanks for toughing it out for 4 months while I was away at basic” kind of gift as well.

Well, another Christmas has passed since then and I’ll be honest with you, I haven’t made the best use of the camera. It has spent way more time sitting in it’s plush pocket that I ordered from Etsy, than it has out in the world. My phone is always snapping shots. I suppose it’s more convenient, and usually sitting right there on my desk, or kitchen counter. Don’t get me wrong, I have used it a bit, but not enough, especially considering how much I wanted it.

Here are a few photo’s I’ve taken over the last year:

DSC00015 DSC00231 DSC00268 DSC00324 DSC00321 (1) picture day 2014 073 picture day 2014 084 picture day 2014 098 picture day 2014 120 picture day 2014 160 picture day 2014 184 picture day 2014 302 picture day 2014 367 winter 2014 001 winter 2014 028 winter 2014 039 winter 2014 091 winter 2014 073So as you can see, they are pretty much all kid shots, and they seem to be getting progressively better? Maybe?

Again, I think some practice is in order, so I came up with a photo challenge for February. I’m challenging myself, but if anyone is interesting in participation please feel free (any kind of camera, including your phone will do). If you want to share on social media just tag the photo’s with #BeadsBobblesButtons so that I can find them easily, or share a photo or two on the Facebook page! I’d love to see what you guys are up to.

IMG_0071I hope you all feel a little inspired to invest a little time in one of your passions! Is there a hobby, activity, or endeavour, you’ve been meaning to get into? I’d like to hear about it!

Happy snapping!



A Case for Cursive


Canada and the U.S. have decided to take cursive writing out of the public school curriculum. Apparently, since it isn’t on any tests that make the school boards look good, it’s just not worth teaching. W….T….F? people! W.T.Fricken’.F?!

Some of the “reasons” given are borderline preposterous, like:

-kids use computer’s, phones, and tablets (so?)

-they can use an e-signature (um…you still need to upload your real signature! Also, e-signature on your lease? On your bank card? I think not!)

-I saw a comment that actually said “we should be focusing on teaching kids how to spell, instead of wasting their time on cursive.” (Last time I checked, most of us had a decent grasp on spelling!)

-it’s not measurable on standardized tests (that make the school board look good) (so it’s not worth teaching? Should we teach only art history, but never let them hold a paint brush?)

I, personally, feel that cursive is an important lesson, for the following reasons:

-fne motor skills


-it is an art form in itself

-old letters, recipes, books, (imagine going to a museum and seeing Vincent’s letters to his brother Theo Van Gogh, and not being able to read them? The thought makes me cringe!)

-personal signature

-a gateway to learning other forms of script

-a lesson in patience and dedication

-old timey props

-it’s beautiful

I’m sure there are more reasons, but the main one is, it’s worth it! The “real” world (that boring people are always droning on about) isn’t cut and dry. It isn’t black and white. It’s not run by Scantron! There is a lot more to this planet than #2 pencils! If our school system’s only goal is to be at the top of some boring list of (questionable) standardized tests than why are we still giving them so much power? Ask yourselves where this ends? What do they cut next, and why are we letting them?

IMG_0862One day those scribbles will transform into blocks, and then into curls, and then into her own personal style of writing.